the story behind

To our mind 808 is symbolizing the very beginning of art, a symbol for unity and tolerance, a symbol for love and anything that resembles freedom. We are an artist collective with a lot of corners and edges. On the one hand we are sticking to traditions on the other we are stepping with open arms towards new ideas and innovative visions. You are at the right place if: You you want to connect with other artists, looking for occasions to perform, need space for your art or simply want to keep up with the local art scene.

The base idea originated out of the need to develop a young artistic culture. Linz needs more life and inspiration! That’s where the 808Club kicks in with style. But first we got to build strong roots . Because like a big tree also we need quality soil and water to fully grow  and you (the sun) can bring the light needed to let our potential shine. Let us spread the roots all over the city and conquer the whole art scene.

The goals are big, but so are we!

Peace, Love & Unity


Further Plans?

There are no strict plans to be honest. However, we are looking positively into a bright future. Maybe it is you, coming up with the next great idea. Take action!