House of Arts

Postcity, 4020 Linz
25.05.2024 | 12-21 Uhr

We’re transforming the iconic PostCity Linz into a hub of artistic expression.

This event is for everyone: the art enthusiasts, the curious minds, the free spirits. It’s a day to celebrate the artistic spirit in all its forms, to be inspired, and to ignite your own creativity.


Witness incredible body art firsthand and maybe even take the plunge yourself.


Discover a curated selection of exceptional artwork.

Graffiti & Murals

Watch urban art unfold in a mesmerizing display of skill.

New Media Art

Dive into the cutting edge of artistic expression.

Live Music

Immerse yourself in the sounds of talented local musicians.


Feel the power of words come alive through captivating performances.

Stay tuned for more details! We’ll be revealing the lineup of artists, performers, and vendors soon.

Get ready to unleash your inner artist at PostCity Linz!


Game of S.K.A.T.E

Lentos, Donaulände, 4020 Linz
05.05.2024 | ab 14Uhr

The Game of S.K.A.T.E. event, organized by the 808Club in the city of Linz, is an absolute highlight for skaters from all over Austria. The event takes place every two months and starts in February. The finalists then have the honor of being invited to the „Finals Night“ in December to determine the best skater in the city.

the story behind

Are you in?

Hit us up, if you want to be part of the crew or are willing to help in any other way. It does not matter if you are willing to share your art or help us as a patron. Any form of help is always welcome!